EyeLauncher is an app that is used to group your apps into folders that have icon previews. This is not a home screen replacement, but can be used along with LauncherPro or ADWLauncher by replacing the app drawer shortcut. It is also possible to use as a standalone app.


A simple digital clock application. The clock can be put in one of many different colors. The date is also shown below the time. Note: At the moment, the clock disappears when the screen turns off. There has been a rumor of the new webOS update opening up a new API to fix this. If that happens, I definitely will push out an update. Enjoy!

UPDATE 11/14: DigiClock v0.9.3 just added to App Catalog fixing the issue. Enjoy.

UPDATE 1/13: Just submitted DigiClock v0.9.4 to App Catalog which allows you to keep the screen on. Keep an eye out for an update appearing soon. Enjoy!


Unofficial Google Voice client for the Palm Pre. This app lets you choose contacts from your device and call or SMS text them using your Google Voice number. Click here for more pictures!

UPDATE 10/17: Google has changed the authentication protocol for this service. I am currently testing a solution to this issue and will have it pushed to the App Catalog as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE 10/22: I submitted a fixed version to Palm for review. After that, it will be pushed to the App Catalog. Thanks for your continued patience.

UPDATE 10/23: Updated application now in the App Catalog! Enjoy.
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This app is a stock portfolio for your Palm Pre. It can track your portfolio’s total value, show you stock information, and do fullscreen charting. Please note that this is an early development beta, I plan to add many more features.